Utilities Development Company


Utilities Development Company

In 2001, Al Kharafi Group of Kuwait and Ionics Inc. USA (currently Veolia) established Utilities Development Company W.L.L (UDC) as Special Purpose Company (SPC) in Kuwait to undertake the 30-years Concession Contract for the Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant (Sulaibiya Plant) project under a BOT scheme with the Government of the State of Kuwait

The Sulaibiya Plant, a ground-breaking project in the Middle East, is the first infrastructure facility of its size to be built under the BOT scheme in the region and the largest of its kind globally using the Reverse Osmosis in domestic wastewater reclamation. Over the period of the concession, the project is expected to save the Government of Kuwait more than US$ 16.9 Billion.

The Sulaibiya Plant includes the Preliminary Treatment and Pumping Station, the Transfer Pipelines, the Biological Treatment Plant and the Reclamation Plant. The Plant initially treated 375,000 m3/day of raw domestic wastewater. The plant was further expanded in May 2019 and since then it treats up to 600,000 m3/day and will remain till 2032. The Plant treats around 60% of Kuwait’s domestic wastewater.

The specifications of the Reclaimed Water produced from Sulaibiya Plant exceed in its purity the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for potable water. The use of such Reclaimed Water is limited to agricultural and industrial applications. In addition, it could be re-charged in an underground aquifer to become strategic water storage. The Government of the State of Kuwait is buying all the reclaimed water produced at the Plant.


UDC is the role model in the Middle East for Build-Operate-Transfer projects, especially in water reuse technology.