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Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment and Reclamation Plant Project

The Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant is a groundbreaking project, not only in the Middle East where it is the first infrastructure facility of its size to be executed as BOT but also worldwide as it is the largest of its kind using the reverse osmosis (RO) technique in domestic wastewater reclamation. The Plant initially treats up to 375,000 cubic meter of raw domestic wastewater per day when it begins operations in year 2004. The plant capacity reached 600,000 cubic meter per day in year 2019, and it will continue till end of concession period in year 2032. The Plant treats around 60 per cent of Kuwait’s total domestic wastewater. The Concession Period started on the 7th of July 2002. The Plant was constructed in less than 29 months and the Concessionaire is now operating and maintaining the Plant and until the expiry of the Concession Period.

The specifications of the Reclaimed Water produced from Sulaibiya Plant exceeds the World Heath Organization (WHO) standards for potable water. However, the use of such Reclaimed Water is limited to agricultural and industrial applications and possibly in a variety of other usages such as gardening, car and building washing. In addition, it could be re-charged in an underground aquifer to become a strategic water storage .

The Government of the State of Kuwait will buy all the Plant production of Reclaimed Water.

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