Utilities Development Company

Saudi Arabia's National Water Company Visits

Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company visits Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment & Reclamation Plant Utilities Development Company (UDC) was privileged to host a delegation from the National Water Company (NWC) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at its wastewater treatment and reclamation plant in Sulaibiya, Kuwait, on the 10th November 2009. The delegation from Saudi Arabia was led by Loay Bin Ahmed Al Musallam, the Chief Executive Officer of NWC, who was accompanied by a number of high-ranking officers and representatives of the company.

Dr Ibrahim Al-Ghusain, the General Manager of UDC, warmly welcomed the visitors to the plant and provided a detailed explanation of the biological and reclamation processes while his guests viewed a model of the plant showing all the process units.

The delegation then visited the SCADA control room to view the state-of-the-art system controls. They were shown how the pre-treatment facility at Ardiya, which is more than 25 kilometres away from the plant in Sulaibiya, is controlled remotely from the control room at Sulaibiya.


This was followed by a visit to the Sulaibiya testing laboratory where the various testing regimes were viewed and explained by the laboratory manager.

The visitors then went on a tour of the plant to inspect the aeration tanks, clarifier outlet chamber S36, and the UFRO systems. The tour culminated in the final product water measuring chamber S38.

Although it was only a brief visit, the delegation was pleased with what they were shown. The delegates found the visit highly informative and were impressed, in particular, by the scale of the project and the obvious attention to detail exercised by the operator in operating and maintaining the facilities.

UDC welcomes the opportunity to receive NWC representatives on future visits to Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment & Reclamation Plant.